Trinity's music program is integral to the liturgical life of the parish. We strive to sing music that supports both the specific Sunday and the liturgical season. A varied repertory of hymns and anthems, input from other church music programs, and the contribution of an excellent choir of professional singers all help to ensure that this integration is ongoing.

We are fortunate in having a mostly professional choir of singers, nearly all drawn from the Boston Symphony Chorus, the Tanglewood Festival Chorus, or the New England and Boston Conservatories. Volunteer singers also take part, and more are always welcome. Our repertory is centered in the Anglican and Episcopal traditions, but includes music from many others. Standard composers such as Bach, Brahms, and Mendelssohn are not neglected.

We believe that musicality does not necessarily depend on difficulty — many anthems we sing regularly convey their meaning through the text. Our historic Hook & Hastings organ and the good acoustics of the building contribute greatly to the excellent musical results achieved by the choir. If you or someone you know is interested in singing, often or occasionally, please speak to the Music Director. An informal audition will be requested, but previous choral experience is not a prerequisite. Music reading ability and ideally some sight-reading are strongly recommended.

The choir normally sings two anthems, at the Offertory and Communion. Please click the link below to view the the complete list of music for the current season.

Advent through Epiphany Music Schedule (2017–18)
Lent to Easter Music Schedule (2018)
Easter to Pentecost 2018
Season after Pentecost (Fall 2018)
Advent to Epiphany (2018–19)
Lent and Easter (2019)
Eastertide (2019)

Joshua T. Lawton, Music Director —